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Earn Money from Captcha2Cash

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Today I give you a different freelancing site, where you can earn money by working captcha entry. It is very easy to work and its instant payments make you so much happier. So, you can try here.


At first you go to the link:  http://www.captcha2cash.com/?action=newuser
Then you see like the below picture.


You fill all by the given direction:
1.     Username: You give a unique username. You can use letters, numbers, underscores, dash.
2.      Password: Give a strong password. Mind it, You must remember it.
3.     Retype Password: Give the password again.
4.     Email: Give a unique email address.
5.     Liberty Account: Put your Liberty Reserve account number. If you have not made here: http://www.libertyreserve.com

How can I earn:
1.     At first you download the software from here.
2.     Then you open the Zip file and get there a “Setting.ini” named text file.
3.     You put your username and password there.
4.     And then open the software.
5.     Then you type the given captcha and press Enter Button.
6.     Now, Earn money as you can.

Their rates: 1 correct recognization = 0.001$.

It only pays you in Libertyreserve. When you make only $0.10, you can get your first payment. It's pay you instantly. So, you do not worry about the payment.

Payment Proof:
I got my first payment only less than one hour instantly from here.



Its main benefits are below:
1.     Instant Payment.
2.     Earn as you can. No captcha limit.
3.     Make a payment request as you wish, it has no limit.
4.     The server is so fast.


Also it has some bad reports:
1.      They have a bad report; they do not pay you the exact amount of captcha. That means you do 1000captcha, but they show you in your balance that you do 950 captcha.
2.     It has no referral system.
3.     It only pays you in Liberty Reserve.

Although it has some bad reports, it has no scam report about their payment. But, their other system is so much better than the other captcha site.

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  1. That is informative.Thanks for writing in detail.

  2. Real genuine job for those who want to make money from internet, you are right brother

    1. Yeah bro... Those who are not expert about freelancing, it is the best way for them. But, they must try it to know more about all types of freelancing works.


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