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Microworkers which helps you earn a lot by small Jobs

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There is not any chance to neglect the small job because this small job can help you gather a huge and vast knowledge. This small job’s also help you take the taste of how much a job become responsible for the freelancing life. Today I share with you a small freelancing way which helps you earn handsome money. This is for beginner who cannot do an advanced level works. And, today’s site name is Microworkers.

What is Microworkers:
In a short description we can say that, Microworkers is a small job site which pay to you by doing simple and small works like sign up, facebook like, twitter followers, voting, youtube like etc. In Microworkers, you can do a lot of small works and if your submitted works are done correctly, your account is credited in less than seven days. So, now signup microworkers quickly by going here. You must put the right information to verify your account later.

What types of works I do and how much I paid for it:
In Microworkers, you can do the following works at the given rate.

SMS zone: Search + Click

Ad: Click 2x

Free Android App: Download + Install + Review

Generation X Cars: Search + Click

Youtube: Comment + Like

Youtube: Comment 3x

Blogs/Websites: 100 Words + Link to Dogs

Youtube: Comment 3x

Youtube: Comment 3x

Internet Marketing: Email Submit

Bookmark: Gerig

Youtube: Like 2x

Staged: Sign up

Unified Wealth Team 6641: Sign up

Daily Sales: Sign up

Smart Media Info: Sign up

Unified Wealth Team 1754: Sign up

Prize and Profits: Sign up

Youtube: Like + Favorite + Comment

MCA 4 Profits: Sign up

Xplocial: Sign up

Out 3: Sign up

Youtube: Comment 3x

Kinds of jobs:
There are two kinds of jobs you can do in Microworkers, one is Basic Jobs and another is Hire Group jobs.
1. Basic Jobs: These jobs are open for all registered user. When you signup at microworkers, then you are able to do all of the these types of jobs.

2. Hire Group Jobs: These jobs are not open for all. The contractor hire a group of workers by their working rating in several sections. He can also hire the new workers. But, in most sections he cannot do it because everyone wants an experts and a good workers.

Dashboard details:
When you go to the microworkers site, they take you to the home page. You see there the microworkers details. You see the two menu one is signup and another is Login.
After login your account you see the following dashboard:
Microworkers Dashboard

1. Job: Here you see the all running job. All of the jobs are categorised by the sub menu. This sub menu helps you choose the right job.

2. HG Jobs: These jobs are for the hire group workers. If you are hired by any contractor, then you able to see the job in this category.

3. Tasks I finished: Here you see the all of your submitted jobs. What jobs you did and what is the situation of your submitted job, you are getting here. Here you see your basic job and Higher group jobs in different category. All of the submitted jobs are rated as Satisfied & paid, Not-satisfied Pending and Employer review.

4. My Campaigns: You can be a contractor by using this menu. You can start new campaigns and higher a lot of workers.

5. Deposit: By using this menu, you can deposit dollar in your account by Master and Visa card and Moneybookers. Minimum deposit is 10 dollars.

6. Withdraw: you can start a new withdraw request from this menu. And, also see your withdraw request status.

7. Account: You can see your total and overall account there. You can also change your password and email address by using the menu.

8. Success rate: You see here your last submitted works success rate. If you submitted 20works and your success rate become lower than 75 percent, then you cannot do any basic job for one month.

9. Reputation: you can see your all reputations here in different categories and category success rate.

10. Support: If you face any problem, you can make a support ticket to solve your problem.

11. Nickname: By pressing the nickname, you see your overall work history. You can also see the worker and contractor status too.

Payment Way:
Your all works reviewed in seven days. When your works are fully done in the following criteria, you get payment. When your account has minimum Nine dollar and Fees, then you able to withdraw money. They support Paypal, Payza and Moneybookers payment processor.

Microworkers Account Active
PIN verification:
When you give first money withdraw request they send your address a mail which contains a PIN number. This PIN number verify your account that you are not a fraud and you use a single account at microworkers. If you do not get your PIN, you can make a new PIN request by costing two dollar. When you get PIN, enter the PIN in your account and verify your account. Now you able to withdraw money. So, you must give the correct address to get the PIN.

Payment Proof:
I got payment’s many times from Microworkers. My Payment proofs are given below:
Microworkers Payment History

Microworkers is a great site for the starter. By working here, you can become an expert and you able to do all advance work. You can easily know the Seo, Data Entry and Article writing by working here and able to become an expert.

Many people told that they did not get their PIN. I also did not get my PIN. But there is not any other problem in microworkers.

Microworkers is for the basic level worker. When you become expert then you can start work in Freelancer, oDesk, Elance. But, I suggest all the primary level worker to do work here. If you face any problem, don't hesitate to comment here or you face any problem you can Contact us here.

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