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Earn Money from Link shortening

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Earn From Link Shortening
Freelancing Jobs are a lot of quantity, you must have the correct knowledge and correct skills To earn from Freelancing. You need the proper knowledge and vast times about The proper freelancing category to earn money. You can earn money from the link Shortening. Today I am sharing with you the ways how you can earn money from link shortening.

What is Link shortening?

Link shortening is a one type of shortening A way which helps you to make a short link from a long line. These ways you can make a long URL into a short and small URL.


How can you make Link shorten?

Normally you cannot make a short link. You must use a link shortening service provider to shorten a link. The is the link shorten provider of You can make a short URL from there.

How I earn from Link Shortening?

At first you must use a link shortening site to shorten the link. When someone visited your short link, then you pay for it from the link shortening sites. When we give someone a short link, it can help to earn from it.
Someone has a Blog or website. When we share a link, you can use the short link to earn from it. It helps a biggar visitor to earn from it.

Why the link shortening site pays you?

When you make a short link, when someone Try to visit it they show a 5 to 7 second advertisement between the Targeted site. So, they pay you for the advertisement.


What is the trusted link shortening paying Site?

There are many link shortening paying site. All of them I use the Adf. ly and Linkbucks to earn from link shortening. Both these sites are most trusted and they must pay you.


How much I earn from Link Shortening?

You normally earn $5 to $10 from 1000 visitors. But this rate must vary from country to country. This earning rate is Vary also same IP for a day.

When I get my First payment from Link Shortening?

When your account has minimum $5, you can request your first payment. Some sites also pay you only at $2. But, this Payment rate varies in different sites.

How can I pay from the Link shortening Provider?

There are many online payment gateways which helps you to get payment. You can use the Payza, Paypal, Skrill(Moneybookers), Webmoney, Payoneer master Card and direct to your Bank Account.

I think you must fully understand about the earning ways from link shortening. If you don’t understand or have questions please comment here. Next Post I have written details about the Adf. ly sites to earn from it.

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